When you think about God and how he could let us reach such levels of monstrosity is when you realize that God left this planet a long time ago. In the time of need, rather than helping the impoverished children that are our future, sick freaks with too much money are flocking to the refugee camps to buy young girls as little as 13 years old. Also Read - 'Donate With Open Heart': Muslim Woman Raises Funds For The Construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya

No religious heads are eager to help the girls despite being common knowledge in the Middle East. They are usually the first to jump the gun about things that are inconsequential and usually end up working against women. Human trafficking of any kind is horrible but nobody seems to be bothered as long as their pockets are full. Also Read - Saudi Arabia Lifts Ban on International Flights, Land And Sea Entry

Arab men are buying Syrian girls for marriage and lust according to reports in the Arab media. The reports also claim that most of the buyers are from Saudi Arabia. You can never put a price on another human but middlemen are selling girls like a slaughterhouse selling meat. The girls are being sold for about USD 140 according to Maher Abu Tair, a Jordanian commentator. Also Read - Air India Waives Penalties For Rescheduling Bookings For UK, Oman, Saudi

The refugee crisis along with the loss of concept of a family is leading to such opportunities for people that need help but end up facilitating the needs of weird rich Arab Muslims. Requests are on the rise for the little girls like some kind of market and the flesh trade is booming. Libyan imam, Sheikh Ashraf al-Aqrabi even goes as far as to say that there is nothing wrong in the situation as long as the men can pay for the marriages.