Damascus, April 8: The Syrian crisis took a more complex turn after United States of America’s missile attacks on Thursday. Syrian Observatory of Human Rights reported that Syrian warplanes took off from the airbase hit by US missile attack and reportedly hit the rebel forces held areas in eastern Homs. The crisis is likely to extend after the Assad backed forces have decided to take on rebel forces backed by Gulf Arabian countries and the United States. However, the extent of loss to the airbase could not be ascertained by the Syrian forces. The rebuttal from the Syrian forces has come as a shocker as the United States Department of Defence claimed the destruction of the airbase.

In an earlier development, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley apprised an urgently called UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Syria following the US missile strike and said,“Our military destroyed the airfield from which this week’s chemical strike took place. We were fully justified in doing so. The moral stain of the Assad regime could no longer go unanswered. His crimes against humanity could no longer be met with empty words. ”

“Any country that chooses to defend the atrocities of the Syrian regime will have to do so in full public view, for all the world to hear,” she said in the statement.

Following the US strikes, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said that he is mindful about the scope of escalation that the crisis may take. He appealed to all parties to restrain themselves from further aggression as the crisis may deeply affect the lives of Syrian people. Reminding countries about the principles of Geneva Convention, UN general secretary appealed to renew their commitment for restoring peace in the region.

He added,“The Security Council has the primary responsibility for international peace and security. I call on the Council to unite and exercise that responsibility. For too long, international law has been ignored in the Syrian conflict, and it is our shared duty to uphold international standards of humanity. This is a prerequisite to ending the unrelenting suffering of the people of Syria.”