Reacting strongly to the FBI’s decision not to charge Hillary Clinton in the email gate scandal, Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has alleged “the system is rigged” even as he exuded confidence that the American people would be the “final jury” in the November 8 general elections.
“Folks ? the system is rigged. The normal punishment, in this case, would include losing authority to handle classified information, and that too disqualifies Hillary Clinton from being President,” Trump said yeterday in a statement hour after the FBI announcement in this regard.
“The final jury will be the American people, and they will issue the verdict on her corruption, incompetence, and bad judgment on November 8th,” he said.
Clinton is the Democratic presidential candidate and will face Trump in the November polls.
Trump said the FBI Director James Comey laid out a detailed case of how Clinton compromised the safety of the American people by storing highly classified information on a private email server with no security.
He confirmed that her email could easily have been hacked by hostile actors, and confirmed that those she emailed with were hacked, the GOP presidential candidate said.
“Our adversaries almost certainly have a blackmail file on Hillary Clinton, and this fact alone disqualifies her from service,” Trump said.
“It has also been revealed that Hillary Clinton lied when she said that she did not send classified information,” he said, adding that the FBI Director confirmed that over 100 emails were deemed classified at the time they were sent, including emails classified as top secret.
On top of it all, Clinton’s lawyers wiped the servers clean to delete another 30,000 emails ? hiding her corrupt dealings from investigators, he alleged citing FBI statement.
“She used the State Department for her personal gain, trading favors for cash, and tried to conceal the records. Also, she didn’t want people to know the details about her botched decisions in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Egypt that destabilized the Middle East,” Trump alleged.
Trump said because of the rigged system that holds the American people to one standard and people like Clinton to another, it does not look like she will be facing the criminal charges that she deserves.
“Bill Clinton didn’t accidentally run into the Attorney General on the airport tarmac last week in Phoenix,” he said.
“Hillary Clinton didn’t accidentally sneak into the FBI during one of the country’s biggest holiday weekends to testify on her illegal activities, something that wouldn’t be afforded to others under investigation (and on a Saturday of all days),” he said.
“It was no accident that charges were not recommended against Hillary the exact same day as President Obama campaigns with her for the first time,” Trump said.Also Read - PM Modi, Mamata Banerjee, Adar Poonawalla on Time Magazine's 100 ‘Most Influential People of 2021

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