Seoul: Members of a conservative South Korean group held a rally here on Friday to protest against the possible visit of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to the country.

The protesters shouted slogans urging the government not to allow the North Korean leader to visit the country, reports Efe news.

They tore posters with Kim’s picture and the North Korean flag.

The protest, organised by the nationalist group called Taegukgi Revolution, was attended by around 50 people and comes amid demands by conservative politicians that Kim should first apologise for an attack in 2010 that killed some 50 people in South Korea.

South Korean Unification Ministry spokesperson Baik Tae-hyun on Monday said that it was possible for Kim to travel to Seoul before the end of the year for a fourth summit with President Moon Jae-in.

If Kim’s visit did come about, he would be the first North Korean leader to set foot on South Korean soil.