Thailand, June 19: Thailand’s first execution in over nine years drew criticism from right groups with Amnesty International calling the killing “deplorable”. The London-based non-governmental organization which focuses on human rights issues, even termed the execution as a major setback for the country. Katherine Gerson, Amnesty International’s Thailand campaigner said,”Thailand was close to reach the important milestone of 10 years without executions in 2019 and at Amnesty International we had already started the countdown to reclassify the country as abolitionist in practice.”

Gerson added that that execution in today’s time represented a setback in the country’s abolition practice of such gross human rights violation and thereby puts a dark stain on its human rights record.

26-year-old man Theerasak Longji, a convicted murderer, was executed by injecting a lethal injection in Thailand- which was the country’s first execution in nine years. The head of the Department of Corrections released a statement saying that Longji was executed by lethal injection Monday afternoon. Theerasak was convicted of aggravated murder for the 2012 fatal stabbing of a 17-year-old for his mobile phone. The victim was stabbed 24 times.

Theerasak was the seventh convict to be executed by lethal injection. The Corrections Department, which oversees one of the world’s largest prison populations, said 325 convicts have been executed since 1935, the majority by firing squad.

That practice ended on December 11, 2003.