Thailand, July 7: 12 boys along with their assistant football coach who have been trapped in a flooded cave for nearly two weeks in Thailand’s Chiang Rai province have now been offered help by none other Elon Musk- billionaire and Tesla Inc’s founder. As per reports, Musk’s engineers are travelling to Thailand in order to come up with various possibilities to rescue the football team from the Tham Luang caves. Also Read - Elon Musk Claims That Pyramids Were 'Obviously' Built by Aliens, Gets Invite From Egypt to Visit Them

The local government appreciated Musk’s efforts and said that Musk’s team could help by tracking the location of the boys, water pumping or in terms of battery power which in turn could speed up the rescue operation process. Also Read - Defying Government Ban on Public Gatherings Amid COVID-19, Thai Gay Activists Raise Pride Flags in Protest

Musk tweeted giving suggestions as how to rescue the teenage boys and their coach who have been stuck for too long in the cave. Also Read - Elon Musk Shares New Photo of Son X AE A-12, Captions 'Baby Can't Use Spoon Yet' | See Pic

Yesterday, helicopters flew to the hills above the Tham Luang caves to look for an alternate extraction route. Thanes Weerasiri, the president of the Engineering Institute of Thailand, said, “We want to find the way down. I believe we are close.” Engineers are working round the clock along with the army to search the area which is believed to be at the back of the cave. It is believed that the engineers are chiseling the limestone rocks which make up the cave which is nearly 4 km from the mouth of the cave.

Rescue teams in Thailand are working consistently to help the kids move out of the cave as forecasts of rain loomed large upon them. As of now rescue efforts have focused on draining the flooded cave and teaching the boys to dive and find their way out of the cave. The diving part came to a naught and was seen as no easy feat as a Thai NAVY Seal dies while trying to rescue these children.