Eugene Finney was on Huntington Beach off the California shore holidaying with his girlfriend and two kids when he survived a shark attack. The man from Fitchburg, Massachusetts was on the beach when he met with this dangerous accident with a predator. But the man is in fact thankful for the dangerous encounter as it helped him save his life. Do you know how?Also Read - Bizarre! US Woman Marries Pink Colour After '40-Year Relationship' in a Las Vegas Wedding | See Pics

Well, when the shark attacked Eugene Finney on the Huntington Beach he suffered a huge wound on his back. Later he was taken to the hospital when he complained of severe back pain and chest ache. The attack was quite impactful and Eugene was hurt with the whiplash kind of attack on his back by the predator. (ALSO READ: Australian surfing champion Mick Fanning fights off shark at J-Bay open on live TV: Watch Full Video) Also Read - Parts Of California Get A White Christmas After Snowfall

When he got admitted to the hospital the doctors found a cancerous tumour growth in his kidney. It was only due to this accident that Eugene came to know about the cancerous growth. The tumour was a walnut sized growth inside his kidney. Post which they operated upon the growth and got rid of the cancerous tumour without any chemo therapy of radiation, as it was detected in the early stages. Also Read - Is Omicron Variant Connected With Untreated HIV? Know Here

Lately there have been many cases of shark attacks, but Eugene was thankful that because of the shark attack he could get rid of the cancer. He felt that the shark attack indeed saved his life as it gave him a second chance at life. (ALSO READ: Shark Attack! Man punches 5-foot shark to beat off predator)