Washington: The United States House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday unveiled two impeachment charges against President Donald Trump for abuse of power as well as obstruction in pressuring Ukraine to aid him in his campaign against political rivals for 2020 elections.

The Judiciary panel of the House of Representatives is expected to hold a vote to approve the articles later in the week, following which it will be submitted to the lower chamber of US Congress for the full vote.

The charges, if approved, would make Donald Trump the third US President to be impeached and placed on trial in the Republican-held Senate, presumably in early January.

The articles were unveiled just a day after the House Judiciary panel concluded its second and final hearing in the Trump impeachment proceeding on Monday.

Notably, in his closing statement, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler accused Trump of having “put himself before his country”.

“I am struck by the fact that my Republican colleagues have offered no serious scrutiny of the evidence at hand. They have talked about everything else, but they have offered not one substantive word in the President’s defence,” he had said.

The Democrats had, last week, released a draft report, initiated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in September, revealing Trump “personally and acting through agents within and outside of the US government, solicited the interference of a foreign government, Ukraine, to benefit his reelection.”

Trump will be impeached if the House approves any of the articles that the Judiciary panel has recommended by a simple majority vote, that is, at least two-thirds of its members, or 67 senators voting in favour. Currently, the Senate has 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats and two independents.