New Delhi: United States President Donald Trump has nominated Indian origin American, Shireen Mathews as a federal judge of the US District Court for the Southern District of California.

If appointed, Mathews will become the first-ever Asian Pacific American woman as well as the first Indian-American woman to serve as an Article III federal judge in the Southern District.

According to the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA), Article III judges “hold their office during good behaviour” and have a lifetime appointment, except under rare circumstances.

“Shireen Mathews is [an] experienced attorney, both in the public and private sectors. She will be a well-qualified addition to the bench in the Southern District of California,” NAPABA President Daniel Sakaguchi said in the release.

Currently, Mathews is a partner the leading law firm Jones Day in San Diego, the fifth-largest law firm in the country, where she specialises in white-collar crimes. Prior to that, she was working as an assistant federal prosecutor in California serving as the coordinator for criminal healthcare fraud cases.

A Jones Day authority recollected that Shireen had uncovered a multi-million dollar fraud in stolen medical equipment after which she received one of the highest restitution awards for the Social Security (general public pension) trust fund.

South Asia Bar Association (SABA) President Aneesh called Trump’s intent “a historic nomination” and urged “the Senate to quickly confirm her, adding another deserving South Asian voice to the judiciary.” Mathews has served as the North American Board of Directors on SABA.

Besides Mathews, two other nominees for federal judgeships, Diane Gujarati and Anuraag Singhal, are awaiting Senate action. Shireen Mathews is the sixth Indian-American to be nominated to the federal judiciary at various levels by Trump.

With inputs from agencies