New Delhi: Britain’s Ambassador to the United States, Kim Darroch, has resigned, said reports on Wednesday. This comes after a series of leaked diplomatic cables showed that Darroch had told the UK Prime Minister that the US administration was “inept” and “clumsy.” Also Read - For Big Tech, Joe Biden Brings A New Era But No Ease In Scrutiny By Marcon Gordon

The UK Foreign Office announced the resignation on Wednesday. It comes after President Donald Trump said Monday that the White House would no longer deal with the British ambassador. Also Read - 'Don't Ever Talk to The President that Way': Donald Trump Snaps at Reporter Over Election Question | Watch

Darroch’s leaked diplomatic cables revealed he had called Trump “inept,” “insecure,” and “incompetent.” He reportedly said that Trump’s career could “end in disgrace” and even said of alleged collusion with Russia that “the worst cannot be ruled out.” Also Read - Will Leave White House if Electoral College Declares Biden Victory, Says Trump

Trump hit back via Twitter, claiming that Darroch was never liked by Trump’s team and that “we will no longer deal with him”. He continued his attack over a period of days. On Tuesday, he said, “The wacky Ambassador that the UK foisted upon the United States is not someone we are thrilled with, a very stupid guy … I don’t know the Ambassador but have been told he is a pompous fool.”

A former British ambassador was quoted by CNN as saying that meeting the US President wasn’t quite necessary and that the ambassador could “get by very easily without having to meet the president at all”.

Meanwhile, the source of the leak is yet not known. Reports say the letter would have gone to a restricted list.  According to CNN, Darroch must have sent it to a limited audience and those who shouldn’t have copied it did so. It also fell into the hands of someone who carried out the sabotage, said CNN.

“The leaking of this kind of information is more important than the drama of how a sitting president responds to a sitting ambassador. It’s a deeply worrying sign at a time of national confusion,” Tom Tugendhat, who chairs the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, told CNN.