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    Theresa May will have to take Queen’s permission to form the government despite she failed to gain majority in the UK Elections 2017. Theresa’s Conservative Party won a total of 318 seats out of 650 in the United Kingdom. Counting to only one seat in the UK General Elections 2017 is left. One constituency is still to declare. The count was suspended in Kensington after three recounts failed to establish a winner.

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    Counting at three seats is underway. The counting of 647 seats is over and Conservative Party’s Theresa May has emerged as the winner of the UK elections 2017, however, she failed to get a majority in the United Kingdon elections. Theresa May, till now, has managed to win a total of 316 seats.

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    “A very high turnout, a huge increase in the Labour vote and they did it because they want to see things done differently and they want to hope in their lives,” said Jeremy Corbyn.

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    As the counting of the votes in underway in the United Kingdom General Elections 2017, the picture has started getting clearer. While Theresa May’s Conservative Party has won most number of seats in the UK general elections 2017 out of a total of 650, the final results have ended in a hung assembly in the UK Parliament.


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    The Conservative Party has won 42.4% of votes with a total of 313 votes out of 650. While the Conservative Party has won the most number of votes, it has failed to win with a majority leading to a hung assembly in UK Parliament. It was predicted that the Labour Party won’t perform in the UK General Elections 2017, but the party managed a good number of 260 seats.

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    After losing in the Scotland general elections 2017, Theresa May has been under a lot of pressure to resign, according to the reports.

London, June 8: The results of snap general elections in United Kingdom is scheduled to be declared today. Polling across the 650 constituencies concluded at 10 PM (local time). Following the completion of polls in all parliamentary segments, ballot counting was initiated by election officials. Stay tuned with for live trends and results emerging from England, Wales, Scotland, Yorks and other parts of UK.

The key electoral battle was contested between Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party and the prime opposition – Labour, headed by leftist Jeremy Corbyn.

The forecast released ahead of the elections gave May the edge in fight against Corbyn. However, the dwindling lead of Tories made pollsters skeptical about the findings of the surveys, with some predicting that Corbyn may emerge as a surprise winner.

Despite holding a lead of nearly 20 percentage points when the snap polls were announced, the difference between Tories and Labour came down to as low as one percent a day ahead of the polls. The final survey released by Survation predicted 41 per cent votes for Conservatives and 40 per cent for the Labour party.

The latest YouGov poll, however, predicted May to secure a comfortable victory, with a percentile lead of 7 per cent. The survey predicts 41 and 35 per cent votes for Conservatives and Labour respectively. The findings are based on the inputs received between June 5-7. It further predicts 10 per cent vote share for Liberal Democrats, and 5 per cent each for the right-wing UK Independence Party (UKIP) and the Scotland-based Scottish National Party (SNP).

If the YouGov poll is an indication of the final tally to emerge today, then Conservatives would end up emerging victorious on 376 seats.

UK General Elections 2017 Forecast

The mean of opinion poll released so far leads to the following the prediction:

Liberal Democrats2714-1
Plaid Cymru1340

However, the credibility of pollsters has severely been dented in wake of the faulty predictions made during Brexit and US Presidential elections 2016. The latter serves as a case in point for Corbyn supporters, as most of the credible opinion polls had predicted a victory with at least 2 percentage points for Hillary Clinton. Similar to Donald Trump, Labour supporters hope Corbyn would trump May in the polls held today.

Results of UK General Elections 2015

Scottish National Party561,454,436
Liberal Democrat82,415,888

Beating an incumbency of 5 years, then then Prime Minister David Cameron not only won the elections, but secured a single-handed majority for the Tories. Since the rout, Labour underwent structural changes, with the party electing Marxist-leaning leader Jeremy Corbyn as its chief. The rise of Scottish National Party, on the secessionist agenda, also spoilt the prospects of Labour, as the party used to secure a significant electoral hold in the region.

The outcome of UK general elections 2017 would predict the foreign strategy to be adopted by post-Brexit Britain. May, who sought a brute majority to deal with European Union leaders in a firm manner, was challenged by Corbyn, saying, “I can get a better post-Brexit deal if elected to power.” In terms of foreign policy, Britain could be headed towards a tectonic shift if Corbyn gets elected to power. The Labour leader has promised to end defence trade ties with Saudi Arabia, calling it a perpetrator of war atrocities in Yemen. Corbyn has further vowed to prevent UK’s participation in the war underway in Syria, blaming it for the rise of radicalism in UK. Corbyn, heading the Stop The War Coalition, has also vowed to push the agenda of unilateral nuclear disarmament if elected to power.