London, May 29: Tories, a British political party which is also known as Conservative Party took a smart step to woo Indian voters. They have released a video with a foot tapping Hindi song.  They have also shared an image of Prime Minister Theresa May wearing a Sari and meeting Narendra Modi during her visit to India in November.

The video shows Theresa May wearing a sari and participating in Arti during her visit to Someshwara Temple in Bangalore. Video also includes footages showing May visiting a temple in London wearing Salwar Kameez, another traditional Indian dress.

They have also released a song and its lyrics have thanking the Indian community for support in 2015 elections. The efforts of Theresa May and Tories have to increase support of 1.5 million in the Indian community. The midterm election in the United Kingdom will be held on June 8. Conservative Party has targeted millions of Indian communities to support them in Midterm elections like they have done in 2015 election. They are hoping to retain and increase the support of Indian Community.

May government have field 13 Indian-origin candidates in midterm elections and also promised in their manifesto that the new immigration will curb and it will affect Indian students, Professionals and spouse of UK nationals.

These tactics have previously used in 2015 election, that time Conservative Party leader David Cameron and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was featured in the video. They have also used the image of David Cameron and Narendra Modi posters in 2016 mayoral elections.