London, June 7: The opinion polls released ahead of the voting post public referendum on Brexit suggested a narrow win for conservative party popularly known as ‘Tories’. The analysis by the pollsters showed a constant decline in the support of Conservative Party after it won the general elections in 2015 led by then Prime Minister David Cameron. The analysis further shows Prime Minister Theresa May’s denial to an open debate with Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn may dent party’s prospects across the Britain.

The polls published before the opening of polling stations indicated a six-point lead by the Tories over the Labour party. The Labour Party closed the gap with the ruling party post general elections. The poll prediction by Survation showed one point lead while ComRes poll appeared highly favouring the Tories. Interestingly, the terror attacks in Manchester, London Bridge and Borough Market, despite dominating the election campaign, made any impact on the choice of voters.

As per the latest forecast by University of East Anglia’s Chris Hanretty showed a huge majority for the Conservative Party. The forecast said, “Our current prediction is that there will be a majority for the Conservatives, who will have 371 seats.” The forecast also indicates towards Theresa May help Tories sweeping the North of England and Scotland. Although the Scottish Nationalist Party may pose a greater challenge in their bastion. However, the United Kingdom Independence Party is likely to be decimated, if polls are to be believed. The party had a greater impact in mobilising people in favour of the ‘leave’ camp.

Another forecast by The Telegraph suggests the Conservative Party will win the elections with increased majority. The conservative party is likely to retain average voting intention of 42.9 points while the Labours may get 37.2 percent voters. Thus, the Tories may have a lead of 5.2 percent intent voters.

The Election results on Friday may prove pollsters wrong when they showed little chances for United States’ President Donald Trump victory in presidential elections.