London, June 8: Polls have opened on Thursday in the elections for the United Kingdom with more than 46 million people eligible to vote. The general elections come days after UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced snap polls following the Brexit referendum. The polls will close at 10 pm UK time (2 am IST) and the results are expected to begin rolling in within an hour after voting is over.

It is a high voltage contest between Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party, popularly known as ‘Tories’, and the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn in the UK as it comes after June 2016 European Union membership referendum when Britishers voted for Brexit. Opinion polls have suggested a narrow win for Conservative Party, stating that Theresa May’s denial to an open debate with Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn may dent party’s prospects across the Britain. The Conservatives currently hold 330 seats, while the Labour Party has 229 seats. (Also Read: A dummy’s guide to Britain’s general elections)

On April 18, PM Theresa May shocked many when she called for a snap election, three years early. Voters went to the polls in 2015 general election and in July 2016 during the Brexit referendum. According to political analysts, the timing is perfect. Theresa May took the reins after her predecessor David Cameron resigned post Brexit referendum, however, a victory in general election will be a a personal mandate for her from voters.