London, Apr 18: With a view of sorting out various pulls and pressures from the opposition parties on the issue of leaving the European Union, United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday announced a mid-term election on June 8. Speaking outside her Downing Street residence in London, May said that the parliament will be asked to vote on Wednesday to decide whether an election should be held or not. Previously, the next election was supposed to be held in May 2020.

The government is expected to move a motion in the House of Commons on Wednesday under the Fixed Term Parliament Act 2011. To pass the motion, the government needs the support of the two-thirds majority. However, reports suggest that since the Labour party has itself supported the mid-term election, it is projected that the government will be able to pass the motion in the House of Commons.

Announcing the mid-term elections to be held in June, May stated that the mid-term polls will stop the political game being played on the Brexit issue. May stated that the government already has plans on regaining control of its laws and borders after Brexit but she said that the other parties were against the plans. Regretting the difference of opinion in Westminster, May said that the Labour party had threatened to vote against the final deal.

Stating that she was not prepared the opposition parties ti jeopardise the Brexit negotiations, May said that, “If there is not an election now, game-playing will continue.”

Welcoming May’s decision of mid-term polls, former PM David Cameron tweeted in support of the decision and also wished the conservatives for the mid-term polls.

According to the opinion polls conducted on Easter weekend, May’s Conservative Party is projected to be far ahead of the opposition Labour Party. While the Conservatives polled between 38 percent and 46 percent, the Labour party polled around 23 to 29 percent in the opinion polls.