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  • 10:16 AM IST

    In the UK Wales general elections 2017, the Labour Party has grabbed a total of 28 seats whole the Conservative party has managed with only 8 seats in Wales, UK. Plaid Cymru has managed only 3 seats in the elections. The electoral battle in Wales was primarily contested between Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

  • 9:57 AM IST

    Final results declared for Wales:

    Party Seats Gain/Loss
    Plaid Cymru 3
    Labour 28 +4
    Conservatives 8 -2
    Others 1
  • 9:07 AM IST

    Results declared in 37 seats so far:

    Party Seats Gain/Loss
    Plaid Cymru 3
    Labour 27 +3
    Conservatives 7 -3
    Others 0
  • 7:31 AM IST

  • 7:12 AM IST

    As of now, results of only 2 out of the 40 seats in Wales are out. Both have been secured by Labour party.

  • 7:09 AM IST

    Labour candidate won the Cardiff Centre seat with a margin of above 20,000 votes.

  • 5:09 AM IST

    The first results from Wales are expected to emerge shortly. However, a Labour wave is evident in most parts of the state. The exit poll results compel the political experts to claim a landslide victory for Labour in Wales.

  • 4:41 AM IST

    Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies said Conservatives would succeed in staging a reasonable performance in Wales, despite the low prediction made by exit polls.

  • 4:40 AM IST

    Carwyn Jones, the First Minister of Wales, says the Labour would be registering a landslide mandate in the state, winning majority of the 40 seats contested. “I think Jeremy Corbyn should be appreciated for the superb campaign,” he told BBC.

  • 4:20 AM IST

    The counting in wales is currently underway. The poll outcome would be released shortly. Meanwhile, in Labour has bagged the Newcastle Central, Newcastle West and Sunderland Central seats.

Cardiff, June 9: Elections in the 40 constituencies of Wales were conducted on Thursday, along with polls in other parliamentary segments of UK. The counting of votes were scheduled begin following the conclusion of polls at 10 PM (local time). The results were expected to be released shortly after the ballot counting began. Stay tuned here for the latest election results and updates from Wales.

The electoral battle in Wales was primarily contested between Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. However, pollsters had predicted Plaid Cymru to leave a mark in this round of the elections.In the assembly elections held last year, Plaid Cymru had succeeded in winning an impressive 26 seats.

Wales, one of the bastions of Labour, holds key to the prospects of Jeremy Corbyn emerging to power at the Westminster. The opinion polls released so far have given Theresa May-led Conservatives the edge. However, the trends have shown a late resurgence for Corbyn, as the opinion polls released later bridged the gap to as low as 1 percentage point.

However, in what appeared to be a major boost to the Tories supporters, the general poll 2017 survey released on the day of counting gave a seven percentage lead to May, predicting her to secure 42 per cent of the vote share. The Labour, whereas, was expected to secure 35 per cent of the votes.

Results from Wales in 2017 UK General Elections:

PartySeatsNet gain/loss Voteshare
Labour25-136.9 (+0.6)
Conservative11+327.2 (+1.1)
Ukip0013.6 (+11.2)
Plaid Cyrmu3012.1 (+0.8)
Lib Dem1-26.5 (-13.6)
Green002.6 (+2.1)

When the polls were called by Theresa May in April, surveys had predicted a 10 per cent lead for Tories over the Labour party. However, the surveys released later said the Jeremy Corbyn led outfit would secure 46 per cent of the votes, whereas, the Conservatives would trail at 30 per cent from Wales.