New Delhi, April 19: A female from United Kingdom’s Nottingham was stunned for a moment after seeing the bill after shopping at an online store. The woman was charged 930 pounds or around Rs 87,000 for a single Banana. The woman named Bobbie Gordon had brought a banana in an online shopping at Chain Asda-a UK based supermarket.

Acceding to reports, when she placed the order, the overall bill for the whole groceries was less than 100 pounds. But Gordon was shocked when the groceries arrived at her door and the bill read 930.11 pounds for a single banana. The actual cost of a single banana was 11 pence.

After witnessing an unreasonable charge, she took the social media Networks- Twitter on April 17 to complain about the incident. “My online delivery arrived. I’ve been charged £930.11 for 1 banana? I am going to be pretty livid if my card has been charged over £1k that my delivery note states!?!” read the tweet posted by Bobbie Gordon on April 18. She also posted a screenshot of the Banana and details about the bill.

According to a report by BBC, “The Big amount pushed her credit card company’s fraud team to stop the payment being detected and send messages to Gordon about the more than 1000 pounds bill.”

Later, the supermarket Asda apologized her by saying it “slipped up” with the bill due to some technical error, reports said.

The supermarket reportedly said, “Although our bananas are excellent, at the same time we agree that they are not worth that much and clearly there has been a glitch in our system.” Meanwhile, Gordon received reactions and hilarious comment from many people on Twitter.