US Election 2020: Book your calendars now as the “most important US presidential election” in recent history is a day away and everyone around the globe will be sitting at the edge of their seats, watching it with great anticipation. Counting of votes will begin at 7 PM EST on November 3 with the closing of the last polls. Also Read - Good News For H1-B Visa Seekers: US Drops Barriers To Legal Immigration

Held in the middle of a devastating pandemic that has claimed more than 220,000 American lives, aside from a series of civil rights protests and a fallen economy, the US election this year is deemed to define the future course of America. Also Read - Facebook Suspends Donald Trump's Account for Two Years

As Donald Trump seeks re-election, predictions show a better chance for his Democratic challenger Joe Biden who holds a clear advantage over the President across four of the most important presidential swing states. Also Read - US Vice President Kamala Harris Dials PM Narendra Modi, Underlines US-India Partnership

Where and when to watch the 2020 US Presidential Election in India:

Counting of votes begins at 7 pm EST tomorrow or 5:30 am IST on November 4.

Last polls are expected to close in almost all 50 states by 10 pm US time or at 8.30 am here on November 4.

All the polls closing after that – Alaska and Hawaii being the last ones – are in states that are solid red or blue. The race won’t change much there.

Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Arizona, Wisconsin and Iowa are the key states, also known as the swing states, to keep an eye on. A majority of the voters from these states had flipped from supporting Obama to Trump in 2016.

By midnight on November 3, it’s likely that the networks won’t be able to announce the final winner but if the Florida result is in, we’ll have a good idea how which way it’s tilting by then.

Where to watch:

The US Presidential elections will be telecasted on all major international TV news channels (Wion, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera English etc). Regular updates will be available on the website from time to time.

Live updates on poll results with a live tracker will also be available on throughout the day in addition to the extensive election coverage.