New Delhi: As the voting process of the US presidential election in underway, the voters of Milford city in Connecticut who show up at the polling stating without a mask will be allowed to cast ballot but they might be asked to stay outside.Also Read - Omicron Scare: Mumbai Airport Reduces RT-PCR Test Price to Rs 3,900 | Details Here

Wearing masks at Milford’s polling places was not made mandatory, as unmasked people will be allowed to vote in a separate area from other masked voters. Also Read - More than half of Omicron cases in UK were double vaccinated

Earlier on Monday, Registrar of Voters Kerri Rowland reassured residents that even though masks are not mandatory for voters to wear at the polling stations, precautions are being taken to ensure the safest voting experience possible in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Also Read - Good News For Pensioners: Govt Extends Deadline to Submit Life Certificate Till Dec 31

“We are going to try to provide a more separate voting booth environment from everybody else who has a mask so that there is less risk to poll workers and other voters from the voter without a mask,” Rowland said.

She said, “We are following the guidance from the Secretary of the State in regard to masks not being mandatory at the polls.”

As per the state’s healthcare guidance, no registered voter, whether wearing a mask or not, can be prevented from voting. The city of Milford is offering several options to all voters without a mask and Rowland said that she was hoping voters without a mask would choose one and cast their ballot.

Voters approaching the polling place without a mask will be immediately attended by a moderator, who will give them options to vote. One option is to wear one of the masks offered by a poll worker and the other option is to vote at a separate area, said Rowland.

As a result of the rise in COVID-19 cases statewide, over one-fifth of the state’s registered voters have sent in their absentee ballot for several critical local, state and national races. At the same time, many residents of the region also opted to vote by mail instead of heading to the polling station.