Washington: The United States is now working with India to help them test out technologies to take on challenges in their social developmental field, a top US aid official said on Wednesday as he described India as a country which has been “remarkable” in its development.

“In terms of countries that I think are in remarkable places in their development, classic one is India; one of my first visits,” USAID Administrator Mark Green said during an event at Accord Network Forum in North Carolina wherein he was asked about favourite countries who he thinks are well poised to become self-reliant.

“India, when USAID first started working with India, we were delivering food aid; sacks of grain. And now that would be insulting to Indians. Instead we’re working to help them test out technologies to take on some other challenges,” Green said.

“I turned on the faucet for a water ATM when I was in Hyderabad a couple of years ago and that was very cool. On the other hand, I’ve also visited clinics and met women suffering from tuberculosis,” he said.

“So, you see a country advanced in so many ways, but a country that still needs our help, again in catalysing investments and testing out technologies,” Green said in response to the question.