Sacramento, April 26: The US today launched an unarmed ballistic missile from California. The missile was launched by US Air Force from Vandenberg Air Force Base on Wednesday morning. As per the officer leading the charge of the test called the launch of the ballistic missile a keen demonstration of nation’s nuclear deterrent capability.

Before the launch, the missile was loaded with nonexplosive payload to record flight data. Fox31 Denver quoted the officials of US Air Force saying the missile travelled approximately 4,200 miles to test range. This launch came when the tensions between North Korea and the United States are growing rapidly. It’s been a while since the Trump government joined hands with South Korea and declared that North Korea geared itself to conduct its sixth nuclear test. Nothing of this sort took place.

The Senators, all 100 of them will meet at the White House to discuss North Korea issue today, however, it’s not clear if US President will be a part of the meeting or no.

North Korea on Tuesday celebrated the anniversary of its military foundation. The US on Tuesday marched its nuclear-powered submarine towards the peninsula which was docked in South Korea.