Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s nominee to the US Presidential Election is known to be quite active on Twitter. However, if you’ve recently noticed a moderated tone to his tweets in the recent days then it’s not because he has changed his attitude but his campaign is apparently no longer allowing him to use it on his own.Also Read - Abortion Rights at Stake in Historic Supreme Court Arguments

The revelation was brought out in a New York Times Story, published on Sunday that depicts those chaotic final days of Trump’s campaign. “Aides to Mr. Trump have finally wrested away the Twitter account that he used to colorfully — and often counterproductively — savage his rivals.”
This move was meant to keep the candidate from hurting his own chances at the Presidency with social media gaffe before the vote on Tuesday.
News about this change apparently was brought to notice to President Barack Obama and he decided to go after Donald Trump in a way only a president and the world’s most powerful man can.
While campaigning for Hillary Clinton at a rally in Florida on Sunday, in front of her supporters, Obama said “If somebody can’t handle a Twitter account, they can’t handle the nuclear codes.” Also Read - Supreme Court Set to Take Up All-Or-Nothing Abortion Fight

Watch the video here:

Now isn’t that hitting the nail right on the head. Also Read - PM Modi Invited to US 'Summit for Democracy', Likely to Participate: Sources