Washington, Nov 8: Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton is leaving no stone unturned in her Presidential campaign and is trying too woo every community residing in United States and this time it was the Black community. Hillary in Philadelphia’s (Pennsylvania), urged parishioners of Black Church to choose “hope over fear” and vote for her.”This election is about doing everything we can do to stop the movement to destroy President Obama’s legacy,” Clinton said. Also Read - Planes Fly with 'Worst President Ever' and 'Pathetic Loser' Banner over Donald Trump's Home

Hillary said that the Presidential election is “the test of our times” as surely as others faced tests to stand up for freedom at Seneca Falls, site of the founding of the women’s suffrage movement; in Selma, Ala., for black voting rights; in the fields of California for farmworkers’ rights; and at the Stonewall Inn in 1969, the protest that launched the modern movement for gay rights. Also Read - Twitter Suspends Account of Iranian Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei For Tweet Against Trump

Pennsylvania state, since 1988, has backed Democrats and Clinton knows that she needs the backing of African-American voters (which are in huge numbers), in order to cement the ‘White House’ seat.(ALSO READ: US Presidential Elections 2016: Hillary Clinton has 90 per cent chance of becoming first female American president after FBI clearance) Also Read - President Biden Gets Rid of Trump's Diet Coke Button From White House Desk, Twitter is Thoroughly Amused

Later, Clinton visited the Cedar Park Cafe in West Philadelphia, moving from table to table among the afternoon brunch crowd eating waffles, pancakes, omelets, whiting and chicken. She posed for photo after photo. “Thanks for your help,” she said to one group. “We’re going to do this on Tuesday.”

Hillary’s last minute pitch in for the ‘black community’ might fetch her few extra points. Obama is also a Democrat, and the emotions of African-American people will certainly be with the Democrats, as with teary eyes they will soon bid good bye to President Obama. As per reports, most are in favour of Hillary Clinton.

Just yesterday, Trump blamed India and China for the ‘greatest job theft’ in US. Trump thinks just for Americans and according to him i.e. the White community. With elections on the edge, the run for White House is in full swing and both, Hillary and Trump are confident of their next residence and all communities in the country have their weightage. Donald Trump few days ago proposed a “Muslim Ban” and doesn’t really think good of African-Americans, these two communities won’t really be in favour of ‘the business giant’. However, Trump and his son are trying their best to woo the India community.

But, we all know that despite of all this: Trump favours China, as he has done a lot of business with China and India doesn’t really share a great ‘camaraderie’ with China. All in all, the world is eagerly waiting for results, as it will impact the globe.