Philadelphia, Nov 8: Making a strong pitch for his wife and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary, former US President Bill Clinton has said that Americans would determine if they want a change to move forward or to go backward in this general election. “Because we’re losing our great president to term limits, it will be a change election. We have to decide, are we going to change forward together or backward? I think you know what the answer is going to be,” Bill, 70, told a cheering crowd in Philadelphia yesterday. The crowd was also addressed by Hillary, her daughter Chelsea, outgoing US President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama.Also Read - US Man Orders Indian Street Food In Fluent Bengali, Enjoys Mishti, Puchka & Roshogulla | Watch

“I have watched in this campaign as our candidate lived the campaign as she has lived her life, dedicated to making changes for other people, proving that, no matter what came along and no matter what they hit her with, no matter what obstacles were in the road, she would keep her eyes on other people, on the futures that our children, our grandchildren deserve, on how we could move forward together,” Bill said. Also Read - International Shooting Federation Increases Asia's Olympic Quota Places From 38 to 48

“And, no matter what happened, she said, ‘We’re stronger together’. That means answers are better than anger. Empowerment is better than resentment. Working together is better than fighting all of the time. And it’s way better to lift somebody up than put people down. That is the candidate you are for,” he said. He said the American people will give one more chance to form a more perfect union tomorrow. Chelsea said it had been one of the great honours for her to travel throughout the country over the last months. Also Read - Kim Jong-un Urges Citizens to Consume Less Till 2025 as Food Crisis in North Korea Looms Large Amid Worsening Economy

“To meet the thousands of organizers who are working so hard with probably no sleep, to meet so many of the million volunteers who have been part of this campaign, and to now be here tonight with the tens of thousands of people here is just extraordinary. I am so, so grateful,” Chelsea, 36, said. “And I am so fiercely, ridiculously proud of my mom. I am unapologetically biased towards her. I hope that many of you now understand after this campaign why that is so true for me. I cannot wait to cast my vote for her tomorrow,” she said. Hillary said was happy to be finishing the campaign with her husband and her daughter by her side.

“We have been traveling across the country separately, trying to cover as much ground as possible and talk to as many voters as we can, but I’m really glad that we’re all together tonight in Philadelphia with you,” she said. “But in addition to all of that, what is so special for me is that we have our amazing President and First Lady with us because for now nearly eight years they have served our nation with grace, strength, brilliance, and a whole lot of cool. And they have shown us again and again, as Michelle said when others go low, we go high,” Clinton said.