New Delhi: The United States slashed the aid disbursed under Pakistan Enhanced Partnership Agreement (PEPA) 2010 by nearly USD 440 million, stated a report. Thus cash-strapped Pakistan will receive just USD 4.1 billion from the US. Notably, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was informed about the recent slash in the US aid three weeks before his planned visit to Washington.

The PEPA was signed in September 2010 to make sure that Pakistan receives the disbursement of USD 7.5 billion from the US over a period of 5 years as agreed in the Kerry Lugar Berman (KLB) Act. The KLB Act was signed by the then US President Obama in October 2009.

Earlier the aid under the KLB was nearly USD 4.5 billion. Following the slash, the aid came down to USD 4.1 billion. During a meeting with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan last month, US President Donald Trump said, “We were paying USD 1.3 billion to Pakistan as aid, for many years. The problem was…Pakistan was not doing anything for us. They were really subversive. They were going against us. I ended that about a year and a half ago, the USD 1.3 billion (aid).”

In September 2018, Pakistan was denied a financial aid worth USD 300 million by the US military owing to the growing concerns regarding Islamabad’s failure to tackle terrorism.

Citing Islamabad’s failure to crack down on the Haqqani terror outfit, the Pentagon had cut USD 1 billion worth financial aid to Pakistan in January 2018, reported Fox News.