Jalalabad: A horrifying development has taken place in war-torn Afghanistan where Taliban fighters reportedly opened fire at a group of protesters. The incident, captured in a video clip, took place on Wednesday morning in Jalalabad city where a group of people were demanding the Afghan national flag back in their offices, rejecting the Taliban flag.Also Read - Viral Video of Park Full of Dogs Chasing a Remote Controlled Toy Car Will Leave You Amazed | WATCH

In a video that has already gone viral on Twitter and other social media platforms, a group of protestors were seen waving the Afghan national flag on a heavily crowded street when some armed Taliban fighters came and opened fire at them. Also Read - Breaking: 2 Dead, Over 20 Injured in Fresh Blasts In Afghanistan's Jalalabad, Confirms Taliban Official

The video was first shared by Najeeb Nangyal, Afghanistan HPC Director of External Relations. However, India.com could not confirm if the shots were fired in the air or aiming at the protesters, or if anyone has been injured in the act. Also Read - Dancer Shows Off Moves Entwined With Optical Illusion, Viral Video Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor

Watch it here:

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This comes a day after the Taliban addressed a press conference in a publicity blitz asserting they will ensure Afghanistan does not become a haven for terrorists, reassuring world powers and a fearful population. Taliban also vowed to respect women’s rights under Islamic Sharia law.

Even before the fall of Kabul on Sunday, the situation was rapidly deteriorating, exacerbated by the planned withdrawal of all foreign military personnel and declining international aid.

In the past few weeks alone, there have been many reports of casualties and violence. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes. The United Nations Refugee Agency noted that about 80 per cent of those who have fled since the end of May are women and children.