Moscow, March 12: Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered to shoot down a passenger plane in 2014 after reports that it had been hijacked and was being ordered to land at Sochi, where winter Olympics were being held.

President Putin revealed this in a 2-hour documentary titled “Putin”. The leader told journalist Andrey Kondrashov that he received a phone call from security officers on Feb 7, 2014, that a hijacked plane was on its way to Sochi, just before the ceremony was about to start. The captors demanded landing at Sochi.

Putin is seeing telling the reporter that he was told a plane en route to Istanbul from Ukraine was hijacked.

The journalist in the film said that pilots of a Turkish Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 flying from Kharkiv to Istanbul told that the plane had been hijacked and passengers had a bomb. They further informed that they had been ordered to alter their course to Sochi. While there were 110 passengers on the plane, over 40,000 people had been at the stadium to watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

Putin consulted his officers and ordered the plane to be shot down. He later arrived at the venue for the ceremony. But after some time, security officials informed Putin that the threat was a hoax and a drunken passenger had threatened the pilots. They added that situation was under control and the plan was on its course to Turkey. The orders were immediately withdrawn.