New Delhi: Several theories are doing the rounds explaining the sudden disappearance of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. What has compounded the rumours about is ill-health is a claim that Kim is no more. A purported photo of a Kim lookalike lying on the bed is also being shared. Also Read - Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un Share Messages Reaffirming China-N Korea Alliance

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The photo is fake: The Sun has reported that the photograph looks like a doctored version of his late father Kim Jong Il, on his deathbed in 2011. Also Read - Has Kim Jong Un Really Administered Coronavirus Vaccine From China? Here's The Truth

Who knows Kim’s whereabouts?

South Korea and US President Donald Trump. Allegedly. On Tuesday, South Korea has claimed that it has a clear idea about Kim’s whereabouts. US President Donald Trump, too, thinks he knows what is happening in Pyongyang.

Thank You: Did Kim write this letter?

Several North Korean newspapers claimed that Kim has sent a thank you message to workers on the tourism project in Wonsan, the city where Kim’s train was believed to have been spotted by satellite images.

Covid-19? Missile Test? Heart Surgery?

Even if Kim Jong-un is doing well, there are reasons for his hiding, no doubt. And, there are several claims regarding this. While the theories that he has undergone heart surgery were there for quite some time, the newest claims are that he was injured during the latest missile attack. Another claim is that his bodyguard has tested COVId-19 positive for which he left Pyongyang and is in hiding.