New Delhi: Life has not come to a standstill in China. Though over 1,000 have died from coronavirus outbreak, everyday activities are going on as before, albeit a little stunted. Spring semester has been postponed as everyone has been strictly asked to stay inside. According to China’s state media, some 600,000 teachers have joined the online curriculum teaching 50 million students across China. Also Read - Coronavirus: Death Toll Crosses 1,000, Risk Level Globally High, Says WHO

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According to South China Morning Post, the ministry also plans to launch a national internet cloud classroom on February 17, providing a full range of teaching materials and courses for students from the first grade in junior school to the third grade of high school.

The country is under lockdown because of the outbreak of the deadly virus. But where will the people go? They can’t stay indoors for an indefinite period. A video shows how a Beijing bakery is avoiding contact with customers by collecting money in something like a fishing net and by pushing buns through a slope-like structure.