New Delhi: In a bizarre claim, Pakistan’s Capital TV has reported that Pakistan’s first lady Bushra Bibi’s image does not appear in mirrors, an ANI report said. The claim, with all its absurdities, has been attributed to the house staff at the Prime Minister’s House. Also Read - Ease of Doing Business 2020: India, Pakistan Among Top 20 Improved Countries

Bushra Bibi, the first veiled first lady of Pakistan, has been the centre of several controversies. There are absurd claims about her magical powers, her former marriage, her association with Imran Khan which led to their wedding just six months before Imran Khan became the prime minister of Pakistan. Her public appearances in full veil also drew flak countering which she, in her first interview to Pakistan media, said her veil does not define her modernity. She should be judged on the basis of her personality, not her face. Also Read - Imran Khan Departs For Pakistan on Commercial Aircraft After Special Jet Given by Saudi Govt Suffers Technical Glitch

According to reports, then-PTI leader Imran Khan proposed to Bushra Maneka, his spiritual mentor, early last year. In a very private affair, the duo got married in February, which marked the first full-veiled appearance of Bushra Bibi, triggering various speculations. Also Read - 'Brinkmanship Not Statesmanship', India Trashes Pakistan PM Imran Khan's Maiden Speech at UNGA

This was Imran Khan’s third marriage after Jemima Goldsmith — a British socialite, and Reham Khan — a former BBC presenter. Bushra Bibi, on the other hand, was married to Khawar Fareed Maneka, a customs officer. When Imran Khan was being blamed for breaking of his marriage with Bushra Bibi, he stepped in and said that Imran Khan was not responsible for his divorce with Bushra. He was divorcing Bushra.

Many in Pakistan believe that Bushra Bibi had a prophetic vision that if Imran Khan wants to become the PM, he has to marry a woman belonging to Bushra Bibi’s clan. Reports said that Bushra Bibi asked Imran Khan to marry her sister or daughter. But then she again got a dream that Imran Khan must marry a married woman and a mother of five. That is when the duo got married.