Washington, Nov 8: With the Presidential elections in United States of America is just round the corner, nearly 120 million citizens will cast their votes today to elect their new President. The Presidential Elections 2016 is the race to win between Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump. Since India is 10 hours and 30 minutes ahead of the USA, you might fall in confusion over the timing of voting and results of the US Presidential Elections 2016. To solve your problem, we share with you the entire schedule about the timing of polling and results of the US Presidential elections 2016. Also Read - 'Do Not Lose Heart': Hillary Clinton Retweets Her Own Message Posted After Defeat in 2016 Elections

Ahead of the elections, the Electors are nominated in each of the 50 states. The ballot choices would seal the fate of the US presidential aspirants Hillary and Donald. The number of Electors in each state is fixed according to the number of representatives and senators it sends to the Congress. To secure the Presidential berth, a candidate requires the vote of at least 270 Electors on January 2.(ALSO READ:  US Presidential Elections 2016: Who, between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, would be better for India?) Also Read - Shameful Not to Publish Russia Report: Hillary Clinton

As per reports by ABC news, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are expected to cast their ballot somewhere in New York but it is still not confirmed. ‘Hillary for America Election Night Event’ will start at 6 pm at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre in New York while the The ‘Donald J Trump Victory Party’ will start at 6.30pm at the New York Hilton Midtown. Also, there is a possibility that the two candidates will get 269 Electoral College votes and there is also a possibility that no candidate will reach the 270 target. Also Read - I’m Not Running: Hillary Clinton Not in Race to Become US President in 2020

Tuesday, 4pm AEDT (11:30 AM Tuesday IST)

Eight ballots were cast in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. The results were: four votes for Hillary Clinton, two for Donald Trump, one for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, and one for 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney (via a write-in).

Tuesday, 10pm AEDT (4:30 PM Tuesday, IST)

Most voting will take place overnight Tuesday, Australian time. Depending on the state, polling booths will open between 6am and 7am local time and close between 7pm and 8pm. There are six different time zones across the United States, but just to make things nice and complex there are 13 states operating with split time zones, as per reports by ABC news.

Wednesday, 11am AEDT (5:30 PM Tuesday, Indian Standard Time IST)

Polling stations in the eastern states will start to close and there will be a projection for each state based on opinion polls taken throughout the day. This would give people a grim picture of who is ahead in the race to become the new President of the United States of America.

Wednesday, 11:30 am AEDT (6:00 AM Tuesday, IST)

Polls close in two more battleground states namely North Carolina and Ohio. Hillary’s rival’s best chance of winning is seen as more or less requiring a win from either Ohio or Florida, if not both.

Wednesday, 12pm AEDT (7:30 AM Tuesday, IST)

Polls will close in 18 states of United States of America, the most important being Pennsylvania. This is also when the final polls close in Florida.

Wednesday, 1pm AEDT (8:30 AM Tuesday, Indian Standard Time (IST)

Polling closes in 10 states that include Wisconsin and swing state Colorado.Clinton is considered the favourite to win Wisconsin.

Wednesday, 2pm AEDT(9:30 AM Tuesday, IST)

Voting ends in swing states Nevada and Iowa and three others seen as safe Republican territory.

Wednesday, 3pm AEDT(10:30 AM Tuesday, IST)

Voting closes in states on the west coast, including California. Polls close in Alaska at 5pm AEDT(12.30 AM IST)

The world would get a grim picture of who is going to be victorious candidate in less than 24 hours after the elections but the results however would begin appearing from November 9.  The first candidate to reach 270 wins, and swing states dictates the outcome. The electoral process would officially get over on January 2, 2017 and the new President is scheduled to take charge on January 20, 2017.