New Delhi: Despite Donald Trump’s defeat in the US presidential race, the White House is planning for his second term. “We are moving forward here at the White House under the assumption that there will be a second Trump term,” AFP quoted the outgoing president’s trade advisor Peter Navarro as saying on Fox Business Network.Also Read - Jeff Bezos Criticizes Biden Administration In A Twitter Spat Over Inflation

It has been a week since Biden was declared as the US President by the local media. Trump hasn’t yet conceded his defeat. However, on Friday, he came inches close to admitting his defeat for the first time when he remarked “time will tell” on being asked if he would remain the president. Also Read - US Won't Let Imran Khan-led Propaganda Damage Ties With Pakistan, Says Ned Price

While making a speech, Trump vowed to never call again call for a lockdown to curb the virus’ spread amid the second wave of COVID-19 sweeping the country. He then added: “Hopefully, the, the whatever happens in the future, who knows which administration it will be, I guess time will tell,” AFP reported. Also Read - US Inflation Dips From 4-Decade High But Still Causing Pain

There have been speculations about how he would finally deal with a defeat, with hyperbolic scenarios painted by some of his hard-core critics of him not leaving the White House leading to a constitutional crisis.

An unidentified senior aide to Trump was quoted by NBC as saying that he was likely to accept the election verdict while not admitting that he lost.

Although the counting of votes is still on and the results have not been officially declared, the media has crowned Biden the winner based on their projections and on that basis, Biden and the Democrats have demanded that he be accorded the official status of the president-elect.

While conceding North Carolina to Trump and Georgia to Biden on Friday, several media outlets gave 306 electoral college votes to Biden and 232 to Trump. To win, 270 electoral college votes are needed.