United States: After a judge in Washington DC ordered that it reinstate CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press pass, the White House confirmed saying that it will temporarily reinstate the same, as per reports. The judge’s order says that the pass must be reinstated as a CNN lawsuit against Donald Trump continues.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press pass was revoked by the US Secret Service after he clashed with the president during a news conference earlier this month.

The White House decision likely violates the journalist’s right to due process and freedom of speech, said the judge.

Speaking outside the court, Mr Acosta praised the decision and told reporters “let’s go back to work”. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said they would comply with the order, and would “also further develop rules and processes to ensure fair and orderly press conferences in the future”.

“There must be decorum at the White House,” she added.

On November 13, CNN had filed a lawsuit against US President Donald Trump and several of his aides, seeking the immediate restoration of chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s access to the White House. CNN in its statement had said, “The wrongful revocation of these credentials violates CNN and Acosta’s First Amendment rights of freedom of the press.”

The statement further read, “While the suit is specific to CNN and Acosta, this could have happened to anyone. If left unchallenged, the actions of the White House would create a dangerous chilling effect for any journalist who covers our elected officials.”