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The ISIS has asked jihadists around the world to target Twitter employees because of the social media company’s policy of blocking their social media accounts. According to a post on Buzzfeed.com, an online post by ISIS read: ‘Your virtual war on us will cause a real war on you.’ The online post was addressed to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and has been shared by ISIS supporters. (ALSO READ: Islamic State threatens to assassinate Twitter employees) Also Read - Twitter to Handover @POTUS Account to Joe Biden on Jan 20, Even If Trump Doesn't Concede

Twitter’s terms of service usually ban users from posting things that are ‘direct, specific threats of violence against others and also bans users who use the service for ‘any unlawful purposes or in furtherance of illegal activities. ‘You started this failed war,’ the ISIS post reads. ‘We told you from the beginning it’s not your war, but you didn’t get it and kept closing our accounts on Twitter, but we always come back.’ ‘But when our lions [brave men] come and take your breath, you will never come back to life.’ Also Read - Ek Chutki Sindoor? YouTube Channel Slammed For Adding 'Sindoor' to Anushka Sharma's Diwali Pictures, Twitter Asks Why

‘For the ‘individual jihadi’ all over the world, target the Twitter company and its interests in any place, people, and buildings, and don’t allow any one of the atheists to survive.’ A spokesman for Twitter, Jim Prosser, told BuzzFeed News: ‘Our security team is investigating the veracity of these threats with relevant law enforcement officials.’

The ISIS is very active on social media and has online sympathisers everywhere, including India. A 24-year-old from Bangalore called Mehdi Masroor Biswas was recently arrested for running a pro-ISIS Twitter account. When he was produced at court he told an advocate: ‘I’m a soldier and messenger. I don’t regret what I’ve done.’ The ISIS often targets many young men and women like Mehdi who are professionals but end up fighting for their cause. Mehdi was a management executive in a multi-national company.

Another Indian who was involved with the ISIS was 22-year-old Areeb Majeed who was suspected of killing around 55 people. Various reports suggest that Majeed, along with three friends, travelled to Iraq to join the ISIS and he was recruited through social media, like many other vulnerable youngsters.