New Delhi: With back-to-back tweets, US President Donald Trump on Sunday warned Iran of severe consequences if Americans are attacked. He also explained why the US military is the best. “They attacked us and we hit back. If they attack again, which I would strongly advise them not to do, we will hit them harder than they have ever been hit before,” tweeted the president hours after he warned that the US is ready to attack 52 (the number representing 52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago) Iranian sites. Also Read - Targetting 52 Sites if Americans Are Attacked, Donald Trump Warns Iran; Says US Wants no More Threats

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“The United States just spent Two Trillion Dollars on Military Equipment. We are the biggest and by far the BEST in the World! If Iran attacks an American Base, or any American, we will be sending some of that brand new beautiful equipment their way…and without hesitation!” Trump tweeted Also Read - 'Act to End War': Soleimani Contributed to Terror Plots as Far Away as New Delhi, Says Donald Trump

On Saturday, two rockets fell near the US Embassy in Baghdad. Simultaneously, two rockets slammed into the Al-Balad airbase where American troops are deployed. This is seen as retaliation from Iran after its army general was Qassem Soleimani was killed in an airstrike near Baghdad airport.

Twice in a day

“Iran is talking very boldly about targeting certain USA assets as revenge for our ridding the world of their terrorist leader who had just killed an American, & badly wounded many others, not to mention all of the people he had killed over his lifetime, including recently hundreds of Iranian protesters,” Trump tweeted earlier in the day.

“He was already attacking our Embassy and preparing for additional hits in other locations. Iran has been nothing but problems for many years,” he wrote.

‘To Stop a war’

On Saturday, Trump issued a statement that the killing was not to start a war but to stop it. “The response for a military action is a military action,” Iranian ambassador to the United Nations Majid Takht Ravanchi said.