New Delhi: At this time of corona crisis when many countries are grappling with the issue unemployment, US President Donald Trump on Sunday said that he will soon announce new visa restrictions on the entry of foreign workers to the US.Also Read - Trump Again Blames China For COVID-19, Terms it Kung Flu'

“We’re going to announce something tomorrow or the next day on visas,” Xinhua news agency quoted Donald Trump as saying in a Fox News interview on Sunday. Also Read - 'It's a Very Tough Situation': Trump Says US Trying to Help Out India And China | Watch

In his announcement, the US President, however, did not give any details but acknowledged that there will be some exclusions.

“You need them for big businesses where they have certain people that have been coming in for a long time, but very little exclusion and they’re pretty tight,” he said, adding, “And we may even go very tight for a period of time.”

As per updates, the restrictions from the US President is likely to be imposed on H-1B, H-2B, L-1 and J-1 visas.

The H-1B visas are designed for certain skilled workers such as those employed in science, engineering, and information technology fields, while H-2B visas are given to seasonal workers such as hotel and construction staff.

L-1 visas are meant for executives who work for large corporations and J-1 visas are issued to research scholars, professors and other cultural and work-exchange programs.

As the US administration is facing a major fallout, Trump will reportedly sign an executive order to suspend the visas through the end of the year. This would be the US President’s latest step to restrict immigration.

The development comes after the US President had in April temporarily halted the issuance of US green cards to some foreigners.

Trump, who has maintained a hardline stance on immigration and used that to appeal to his voters, has been accused of using the pandemic to promote his political agenda.