Congo, October 11: A woman was publically raped and then beheaded by a rebel militant group in the Democratic Republic of Congo for serving fish to gunmen. The witnesses said that the rebels forced the woman’s stepson to rape her in the main public square of Luebo. Her stepson was working with her when she served fish to the gunmen.

According to the video footage available, atrocities are being committed on the front lines of a year-long conflict between the Congolese Army and a rebel movement called the Kamuina Nsapu. The incident was reported from Luebo, a town which was occupied by the Kamuina Nsapu earlier this year. The video was filmed on April 8, 2017.

In the video, according to the report, a woman could be seen being pushed out in front of a crowd by some of the armed men. Kalamba Kambangoma, a rebel leader, who appears in the video for more than a minute, grabs the woman by her hair and announces that she “must die” for the “high treason” that she had committed.

The woman and her stepson were over to a platform, built by the rebels, and forced to have sex. The crowd could be seen cheering and applauding in the video. They later said that they were forced to watch the execution. “We had no choice: to stand up to them would have meant death. We were left to fend for ourselves against the armed militants,” one of the witnesses said.

A report said that both the stepson and the woman were then killed by the rebel forces. They even drank some of their blood later on. Their bodies stayed there for two days.

The woman owned a small in the town. She apparently served fish along with meat, cassava leaves, and vines to the rebels. “She was accused of serving fish to rebels who were fighting on the frontlines in Kabao. They said she gave them beans that contained pieces of a small, local fish,” a witness said, reported France 24 Observers.