New Delhi: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is currently in isolation along with his family after his wife, Sophie, tested positive for novel coronavirus, has described working from home as ‘inconveniencing,’ adding that both he and his family ‘are in good hands.’ Also Read - Hugs From Afar, Writes Sophie Trudeau in Heartfelt Note After Getting Coronavirus Possibly From London Trip

The 48-year-old Canadian Prime Minister, his 44-year-old wife and their three children, aged 6-12, have been confined to a house near the Canadian Parliament, for a period of 14 days. Trudeau was speaking to journalists, who were standing several metres away from him, in what were his first public remarks since Sophie Trudeau tested positive for the infection.

Addressing the press conference on Friday, Trudeau said that he had no symptoms, adding that ‘I’m feeling good.’

“Technology allows me to work from home,” he stated. However, he also stressed that ‘telegoverning,’ as he put it, was ‘inconveniencing and frustrating.’ Working from home, Trudeau is reported to have made calls to several world leaders, including US President Donald Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, as well as Canadian provincial and territorial leaders.

He has continued to be in contact with his Cabinet and government officials, announcing on Friday a slew of measures to combat the spread of the virus. “We are following medical advice as should all Canadians,” he said.

Speaking about how his wife and children were spending their time, Trudeau said, “Sophie has been busy on the phone with friends and family while the children have been busy playing with Lego.” On Sophie specifically, he said that her symptoms were mild, adding that his family was ‘thinking about all the families across the country who have received the same diagnosis.”

Sophie Trudeau had on Wednesday reported flu-like symptoms including a low fever, after returning from an event in London. She, later, was confirmed to have contracted coronavirus.