New Delhi: NASA has said that it is close to finding life on Mars, but warned that ‘the world is not ready for the implications of the revolutionary discovery.’

According to reports, Jim Green, the chief scientist at the US space agency, has said that a rover each from the NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), could find evidence of life on the ‘red planet’ within months of landing there in March 2021.

While NASA’s rover, which will be the first between the two to be launched, in July 2020, is called ‘Mars 2020’, the ESA rover is called ‘ExoMars.’ The two will drill separately into the Martian surface and samples of materials collected will then be sent back to Earth for examination.

Green, who heads the Planetary Science Division at NASA, is quoted by the report as saying that the potential discovery would start a whole new line of thinking. However, the report adds that Green further said that the world isn’t quite prepared for the results.

He further said that the agency was close to finding ‘something’ and making some announcements and also said the discovery would give the scientists a new set of questions to explore.

The report comes after some recent research, which showed that the planers that were previously thought to be uninhabitable, may have actually had, at some point, suitable conditions for life.