The World Wrestling Entertainment is currently working on reversing trends of TRP which have been at the lower than expectations since the WWE Money in The Bank PPV. With the biggest event of the summer just about a month away, Vince McMahon and company will look to be back to their captivating best.

The latest episode of the weekly show ‘Smackdown’ was an eventful one headlined by ‘charismatic enigma’ Jeff Hardy and the ‘viper’ Randy Orton.

The show started with Jeff Hardy, who recently lost his United States Championship to the Japanese Shinsuke Nakamura, promising vengeance against him. Hardy stated that Nakmura lacks the code of conduct, ethics and conscience. He concluded exercised his right rematch clause to take place later that night as the main event of the show.

Nakamura who watched Jeff Hardy’s speech backstage responded by saying that Hardy is a ‘sad clown’ and wore face paint to hide his emotions. He went on to state that he would make Hardy cry in the event match too.

The first match of Smackdown commenced with the ‘phenomenal’ AJ Styles clash with Andrade “Cien” Almas in a non-title match, Styles got won the match.
Then, it was Becky Lynch vs Mandy Rose which the former made it look as if it were child’s play to defeat Rose. Following the match, Becky issued a challenge for the SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella, stating that she had “her eyes on her” and, now, would be coming after her.

The third match of the night was between Somoan Joe and Tye Dillinger. The latter was attacked by Joe brutally in the previous episode of Smackdown and Dillinger had his chance for retribution with this match.
However, Dillinger was anything but a ‘perfect ten’ as the Samoan Joe shred him to ribbons with his deadly submission move, to which his opponent tapped out.

Next in line following Joe’s win wasn’t a wrestling match but a talk show where The Miz mocked Daniel Bryan and Kane’s tag team partnership “Hell No”, but that was interrupted by the ‘yes-man’ Daniel Bryan and he ran a rampage in the sets and executed the finishing move on one of Miz’s sidemen.

The main event of the match between Jeff Hardy and Shinsuke Nakamura was interrupted by the ‘viper’ Randy Orton, he had also done the same in Extreme Rules PPV. Orton preyed upon fatigued Jeff Hardy and left no stone unturned to beat the life out of him before match officials rushed to the spot to stop Orton and Smackdown went off-air in an abrupt manner leaving fans with suspence for the next episode.