New Delhi: People performed yoga across the world today as June 21 was acknowledged as International Yoga Day unanimously by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi practised yoga at Prabhat Tara ground in Ranchi, leaders and diplomats also performed it in different parts of the world.

All the Indian missions across the world were asked to celebrate the International Day of Yoga in a grand manner and a video message of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was sent to all embassies for screening at the beginning of the yoga protocol.

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Yoga was practised inside the General Assembly hall for the first time as it rained outside in New York.

“I hope this indoor yoga session in General Assembly hall, the first of its kind, will reinforce values of cleaner, greener and more sustainable future that all of you yogis are committed to International Day of Yoga,” said Syed Akbaruddin.

“It was here that an ancient practice was transformed into an annual global observance. Hence we always observe the occasion with zest and fervour at the UN,” said Akbaruddin.

“The High Commission of India in Islamabad will celebrate the day this time on June 22, on its premises, where diplomats, High Commission staff and Pakistani yoga enthusiasts are expected to join in,” said Ajay Bisaria, Indian envoy to Pakistan.

“We will have a guided yoga and meditation session at 7 am, followed by breakfast. Our theme is ‘yoga for health, wellbeing and peace’,” he added.
People performed Yoga in Janaki Temple premises in Janakpur, Nepal, at an event organised by the Embassy of India.

Manjeev Singh Puri, the Indian envoy to Nepal said that It doesn’t get any higher as it was absolutely wonderful to have people in the Everest region celebrating yoga.
The Indian mission to Pakistan will celebrate International Day of Yoga on June 22, in its premises.

Ajit Gupte, the Indian envoy to Denmark, said that the  International Yoga Day was celebrated with enthusiasm in three cities of Denmark – Copenhagen, Aarhus and Viejle. The events organised by the Embassy of India in Copenhagen with 6 local Yoga institutes attracted growing participation.

“A fascinating aspect was that many parents and mothers came with tiny tots and even babies. A wonderful memory was of a young mother doing Yoga, while her 3-month-old baby played in the grass next to her,” said Gupte.

Vani Rao, the Indian envoy to Finland said that yoga is very popular In Finland and Estonia and that local yoga practitioners and yoga schools participated with enthusiasm in International Yoga Day 2019 in spite of an important local holiday week for ‘mid-summer’ celebration.

(Inputs from Sidhant Sibal)