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The pandemic has affected life as we know it, nothing has been exempted. From our daily routine to how we spend our free time and shopping tendencies. It has also affected various sectors and spheres of the economy. And the organic food industry is no different. Our industry has felt ripple effects from the pandemic that have changed the space we operate in forever. Also Read - Complete Lockdown in Kerala on THESE Dates Due to Rising Covid Cases. Check Details

This pandemic has devastated many lives and impacted businesses in many ways. The pandemic has single-headedly wrecked our economy made us more isolated and cause all around havoc in every imaginable area of our lives. And that is partially the case with our industry. Due to the lockdowns, which are being enacted to curb the spread of the virus, our operations have been severely affected. Also Read - SL vs IND 2021: Second T20I to go Ahead as Scheduled, Shikhar Dhawan Available

We have experienced problems with low manpower leading to problems in how we operate our business. The delivery times have gone way up as the logistics industry has been hit pretty hard and I have had to personally package our products for shipment.

But in terms of the overall effect, it’s been a net positive, much to my shock. I would even go far as to say that the pandemic has boosted the organic food industry into another stratosphere. Demand is as high as it’s ever been. With each passing day in the covid era, we are gaining more and more traction. Our books have never looked this good. It has been rocket fuel and the only way we are going is up.

Naman Bhurani, Vediko founder

Naman Bhurani, the founder of Vediko. He was a business student who turned into an organic farmer and initiated this project at the age of 21.

It came as a surprise. When the lockdown first set in, we buckled down for a depressed demand and overall slow business. Much to my amazement, with each passing day the orders just came flowing in.

There were some takeaways from the surge. The Covid-19 had increased the focus on health and immunity. People started looking for healthier options in a bid to boost immunity. Organic was not just a luxury now but the need of the hour.

And as more people look for nutritious alternatives, organic food came high on people’s priority chart.

Organic foods, which are a result of organic farming, are the healthier alternative. The trend can also be observed in the farming sector as more and more people want to switch over to organic farming. These people realize that demand for organic foods will only go up. Moreover, organic farming is friendlier for the environment and much gentler on their lands as compared to traditional farming done with the help of chemicals.

Now the important question is this: is this uptick in demand for organic farming just a function of the lockdowns and pandemic or is this boom in our space here to stay?

I think this is not just a blip and this demand isn’t going away. Once people become aware of how what they consume affects their health they won’t switch over back to unhealthy choices and lifestyles. The lessons learned from this pandemic are set in stone and one of the most important lessons people took away is how health is paramount and about what we consume dictates how we live our lives.

In summary, the pandemic has increased the collective focus on health and immunity and as a result of this heightened awareness, people realized what has been true all along that organic food is way better.

(Author Naman Bhurani is the founder of Vediko. He was a business student who turned into an organic farmer and initiated this project at the age of 21. Vediko is a community initiative pointed towards giving fair business opportunities to farmers.

(Disclaimer: This is a guest column and views expressed here are of the author’s alone)