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Pakistani Journalist Aroosa Alam’s Exclusive Interview on Capt. Amarinder Singh. Read Here

Exclusive Interview Of Aroosa Alam: Under Attack Over Friendship with Capt Amarinder Singh Pakistan journalist Aroosa Alam said she was “extremely disappointed and disgusted with Punjab Congress leaders.

Updated: February 5, 2022 3:00 PM IST

By News Desk | Edited by Analiza Pathak

Aroosa Alam, ISI, Captain Amarinder Singh, Inter-Services Intelligence, Punjab, Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa, Punjab Politics,
Pakistani Journalist Aroosa Alam's Exclusive Interview on Capt. Amarinder Singh. Read Here

New Delhi: As the assembly election is nearing, questions on the friendship between Capt. Amarinder Singh and Pakistani journalist Aroosa Alam are again being raised by the Congress party. And to clarify all the accusations Zee Media correspondent had a special conversation with Arusha Alam where the journalist spoke openly about her relationship with Captain and the internal politics of the Congress party.

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Question- Do you any interest in Punjab elections?

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Aroosa Alam – Yes, I have my eyes, I am actually a journalist and I keep watching Indian channels. I watch your channel too. Yes, of course there is interest in Punjab politics.

Question- Aroosa Alam, will you wish Captain Amarinder the best because this time he has formed his own party, Punjab Lok Congress and what are you expecting?

Aroosa Alam- Yes, I have many prayers for him, he is a very well-mannered politician, who is needed in politics, right? Best wishes, of course. He is a warrior, I think he will win.

Question- There have been allegations against you too, be it Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa or other people of Congress, many questions have been raised continuously. How do you think you will respond to all the allegations that are being leveled against you?

Aroosa Alam– Look, I have given too many statements already. Now celebrate it well. I call them useless allegations, their claims makes no sense….. Today everyone is sitting fighting with each other, taking out swords and you will see how much damage they will do to the party in Punjab. They have actually created a ruckus.

Question- Do you think that by taking the name of a woman they (opposition) are are doing politics? do you think they are confused?

Aroosa Alam– Yes, of course. A woman who has nothing to do with these things they have been dragging me.


Aroosa Alam is a defence journalist and the daughter of Akleem Akhtar (Rani General), a close associate of former Pakistan President General Yahya Khan. She is married and has two sons.

Aroosa Alam reportedly met Amarinder Singh during his visit to Pakistan in 2004. Since then, Aroosa Alam has visited India on several occasions and has been frequently seen with Amarinder Singh.

Amarinder Singh said Aroosa Alam had been coming to India for the past 16 years with due clearance from the government. Singh also clarified that he sponsored Aroosa Alam’s visa for the past 16 years.

When Congress returned to power in 2017, Aroosa was among the VVIP guests to attend Amarinder Singh’s swearing-in ceremony. Aroosa Alam also attended the launch of Amarinder Singh’s biography “The People’s Maharaja” in 2017. It has a chapter on Amarinder Singh’s relationship with Aroosa.

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