New Delhi: In a near-repeat of the George Floyd murder case, which has sparked civil unrest across the United States, police in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur was seen pinning down a man, with one of the policemen kneeling on the man’s neck-which is what had caused Floyd’s death.Also Read - 'Rahul Dubey is an American Hero': Twitter Hails Indian-American Man Who Sheltered 75 Protesters From Police During George Floyd Protests

The incident took place when the man, identified as Mukesh Prajapat, was stopped by the police for roaming outside without a mask. This led to an argument between the two sides, which eventually turned physical, with the man first attacking the police. Also Read - FRIENDS' Ross Geller Aka David Schwimmer Joins George Floyd Protests in NY, Says 'Demanding Better Future For Our Children'

It was after this that the police hit back, as they pinned him down, and one of the policemen kneeled on the man’s neck. However, the locals intervened, leading to the policeman letting go of the man’s neck. A video of the said incident went viral on social media. Also Read - George Floyd Murder: All Four Cops Involved in Killing Now Face Homicide Charges

Confirming the incident, the police said, “The man wasn’t wearing a mask and got into a fight with policemen, even tore their uniform. Case registered. There’s an old case against him for damaging his father’s eye.”

The man, who is reported to be mentally unstable, luckily survived.

Notably, George Floyd, a 46-year-old African-American, died on March 25, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after a policeman knelt on his neck for more than eight minutes, eventually resulting in his death. The incident triggered protests across the city, which eventually turned violent and spread to several cities across the US, including Washington DC and New York.

Protests took place outside the White House as well and were so intense that President Donald Trump had to be rushed to a bunker to keep him away from the protesters.