Ram Gopal Varma is back and how! The filmmaker, know for going all out when relaying true events on the big screen, is all set to present the true story of real violence in Rayalaseema in web series Kadapa. The trailer is gritty, intense and has some brutal scenes that will send a chill down your spine. The director has brought the tale alive in Rakta Charitra as well, but with Kadapa, he takes it a notch above. If the trailer is such, we wonder what the series Kadapa will have in store for us! It is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

The web series tells the story of Reddys of Kadapa but to avoid any controversy the filmmaker has decided to go digital for he knew he wouldn’t be allowed to show what he wanted on the big screen. On a Facebook post, RGV has said, “My only objective of entering into the digital world is to be able to tell a story which I otherwise would have never been allowed to tell on a film screen. In this web series, I decided to tell it the way it is without any fear and complete honesty.” Talking about the title, he said, that it is a summation of what a region stands for in “its blood thirstiness, a synonym of how violent power affects the internal politics of ambition, ego, greed and one-upmanship.”

Set in the rustic setting to represent Andhra Pradesh’s Rayalaseema, a backward area which is home to violent factional families that clash frequently, the trailer brings to fore the bloody history which has seen over 8,465 civilians get killed due to factional violence in the last 35 years. While the violence is on the decline, with the police having identified several factional groups, these come into action during elections and excise bidding season. In his web series, Ram Gopal Varma seems to be on a mission to show the reality in its crudest form, to let the audience know about the severity and history of Rayalaseema and adjoining areas. Watch the trailer here:

As soon as the trailer was released, fans of RGV have started a conversation around it, expressing how excited they are to watch this web series. The director is back with what he is known for and all ready to give the audience a taste of his style of cinema. The web series has been shot in Telugu but we hear that it will be dubbed in several Indian languages and have English subtitles to reach a wider audience. Apart from this web series, RGV  is also working on a film with Nagarjuna. The film, NAGRGV4, is officially announced and will start rolling early next year.