The trailer of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar‘s 2.0 got launched at a grand event in Chennai. Apart from the two superstars, the entire team of the film including director Shankar, sound designer Resul Pokkuty and music composer AR Rahman among others were present at the launch. Not just the fans, the film’s team seemed especially excited to feature the much-awaited trailer by using 4D sound technology for the first time ever in the history of cinema. Before showcasing the big trailer, the team of the film took moments to speak about 2.0 and how it has impacted their lives. While Akshay Kumar gave a small speech in Tamil, there were also video messages from actor Kamal Haasan, Kajal Aggarwal, SS Rajamouli among others, played at the event. Here are a few interesting statements that the 2.0 team made at the trailer launch.

“Take my words, 2.0 will be a super hit. I’d like to congratulate producer Subhaskaran and director Shankar. Subhaskaran invested 600 cr trusting only director Shankar” – Rajinikanth, Actor

“I would like to correct everybody. 2.0 is not a Tamil or Hindi or a Telugu film. It is an Indian film. It will stand out in every single aspect” – Resul Pookutty, Sound Designer

“Being in music is an inspiration. It is a service I am doing to my father and God” – AR Rahman, Music Composer

“I have gone through a lot of challenges for the film. Shankar is a scientist not a director. I used to sit for make up for 3 hours. In my whole life, the amount of make-up that I have put up while shooting, the same amount I have used in this film. Whatever makeup I’ve put on in my entire career spanning 28 yrs, is for 2.0 only. I was shocked to see myself. But it’s worth all the pain” – Akshay Kumar, Actor

“Usually, speakers will be on top, left side and right side of a screen. But, we thought of doing something different and have mixed 4D sound in 2.0. The speakers will be on the bottom of the seats in this format” –  Shankar, Director

“This is my first Sci-Fi film. I’m a superstar’s fan and I was overwhelmed by working in this film. I started planning right after Shankar narrated me the script of 2.0. We even created small properties including insects” – T Muthuraj, Art Director

Photo Courtesy: Yogen Shah

Photo Courtesy: Yogen Shah


“Superstar Rajinikanth is my favourite Hero. He’s an inspiring personality and I admire his passion. Even at this age, he wore a suit which weighs 18 kgs in this film” – AR Rahman

“Shooting in 3D is the real 3D. Making it in 2D and converting it won’t work well. 2.0 was a huge learning experience” – Nirav Shah, Cinematographer.

“It was very difficult playing this Robot role in 2.0. I was kind of animated initially, but Shankar sir got me into the right channel. I am extremely happy to work in this movie and with this amazing team – Amy Jackson, Actor

Photo Courtesy: Yogen Shah

Photo Courtesy: Yogen Shah


“It is all about the effort I put in and the belief I do. I am a huge fan of you, SS Rajamouli sir” – Shankar to Baahubali director SS Rajamouli

“Biggest advantage of 2.0 is Rajinikanth” – Shankar

“Audience motivated me throughout the process. The most challenging part of 2.0 is handling the VFX and Action. I keep getting small ideas about 3.0” – Shankar

“Akshay Kumar is one of the biggest pillar of 2.0. He had to put heavy makeup and lenses throughout but Akshay pulled it off without any complaints” – Shankar