After receiving not so favourable reviews from the critics in the west upon its release last week, Priyanka Chopra‘s debut Hollywood film has failed to impress critics in India as well. The film, a remake of the 1989 TV phenomenon ‘Baywatch’ starring David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, has been tagged ‘juvenile’, ‘OTT’, ‘silly’ among other things!

The film also stars Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Zac Efron. The former’s beefy body and the latter’s pretty face and washboard abs couldn’t save the film and just like the US box office, a dismal stint at the Indian box office is foreseen for the June 2 release. As is the case with all films based on a TV show, comparisons were bound to happen! And Baywatch – the movie fails on many aspects to match up with Baywatch – the TV series. Here are five reasons why Priyanka Chopra – Dwayne Johnson’s Baywatch turned out to be a disappointment. ALSO READ: Baywatch Movie Review: 5 stars for Priyanka Chopra, 2 stars for Baywatch

The missing G-factor
One of the main reasons why Baywatch TV became such a phenomenon back then was the glam factor! Baywatch movie was anything but glamorous. Right from Victoria Leeds’ (Priyanka) parties to her look in the film to the beach babes in team Baywatch – there was nothing that would take your breath away!

Funny vs serious
The TV series was an action drama while the film is an action comedy and does no justice to both of these genres! While the first half keeps you entertained with a few one-liners and the ‘I am better and wiser than thou’ bromance between Dwayne and Zac, the second half turns serious and you are left wondering ‘what just hit you’!

Lazy sketches
After watching Baywatch the film – you’d feel sad for the cast! Despite a great effort and natural acting the shoddy story and their shabbily written characters take them down! Like for example – Priyanka’s Victoria Leeds is a supposed to be a powerful woman who is a manipulative businesswoman and a drug smuggler! But, all that she has for her support and protection are two dumb thugs! They know no better than messing things up and exposing her plans, time and again! ALSO READ: Dwayne Johnson is thankful to Varun Dhawan for loving Baywatch!

Cheap, creepy thrills
The dialogue writer of the film wanted to match up to the scandalizing bikini culture that Baywatch TV series familiarized us with. He did that with dropping the F-word in every sentence and jokes on the length of people’s penis! Like seriously? Is that even a joke! Also, there’s a scene where Zac’s Brody is seen struggling to take his eyes off the breasts of Alexandra Daddario’s Summer Quinn. She confronts him in what seems like a forced scene and the guy even goes ahead and tells her that ‘it is actually a compliment if you think about it.’ Gold! ALSO READ: Here’s why Priyanka Chopra chose Katrina Kaif over Deepika Padukone for Baywatch Hindi version – Exclusive

Not so nostalgic 
I was really really looking forward for the film to take me back to the Baywatch of the 80s-90s. It does give you a shot of nostalgia with a few scenes where the current day Mitch (Dwayne) and seen having a conversation with the yesteryear (Mitch). We also see the introduction of Pamela Anderson as the new caption at Baywatch just before the end credits roll! Her botoxed self has ruined our memories of the sexy and glamorous original Baywatch girl forever!

This is unforgivable! I wish there for a moment where these two veterans could hand out some practical tips to the young Baywatchers, while taking us back to the original series with a few rushes! Not that difficult, yeah?

All in all, Baywatch the film looks likes a half-hearted attempt at presenting a half-baked idea! Apart from Dwayne Johnson’s dishy avatar and Priyanka Chopra’s hard to ignore seductive sexiness – Baywatch is just a washout!