The Salman Khan starrer Sultan is going to release in China on August 31. The film, when it released in India in 2016, stormed the Box Office and turned out to be the second highest grossing Hindi film after Dangal that year. It featured Salman in the character of Sultan Ali Khan, a wrestler, who stops practising the sport after a tragedy in his personal life. However, he bounces back and everything starts falling into right place for him.

The movie, directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, also featured Anushka Sharma. Her chemistry with Salman was one of the highlights of the film. Now that Sultan is releasing in China, it is expected to set the cash register ringing at the Box Office there as well.

Here are the five reasons why there’s a high possibility Sultan will attract a huge audience at the China Box Office, much like how it performed in India:

Salman Khan Sultan at China Box Office poster

China welcomes Indian content:
After the success of PK and more recently, Dangal, India is eyeing China as one of the biggest markets for films produced back at home. Dangal was based on the same theme. It talked about the story of a father-daughter relationship with wrestling in the background. Sultan, too, is based on the same sport. The film has, therefore, got an advantage with the release and success of Dangal there.

Salman Khan Sultan at China Box Office sport

China loves sports:
Sport is an inevitable part of the Chinese culture. It’s the land of martial arts and hosts many popular international wrestling championships. The fact that Sultan promotes wrestling as a sport, definitely stands out as a major trigger for its performance at the Box Office.

Salman Khan Sultan at China Box Office love story

Universal content:
While Sultan is a story about Sultan Ali Khan, who gets back into shape and begins his winning streak in wrestling once again, it has got an emotional story in the background. The film also deals with the complications of a romantic relationship. It focuses on the highs and lows in the life of a married couple and how the two fight all the odds to give their relationship a second chance. Such human stories, which are high on emotions, resonate with the feelings of the audience beyond borders. Sultan has definitely got a shot at the China Box Office due to its rich content.

Salman Khan Sultan at China Box Office underdog

The story of an underdog:
The Chinese audience loves to see the story of an underdog on-screen. In fact, most of the successful films from the past produced in the country follow a pattern. Most Jackie Chan films featured him as a hero who slowly discovers his strengths and emerges as a winner in the end. Sultan, too, shows the journey of an underdog who works hard to take over the world once again.

Also, let’s not undermine Salman Khan’stardom. He himself is one of the reasons why Sultan might just run wild at the Box Office in China.