In Bollywood there are good films and bad films. And some that are mass entertainers that we want to see again and again. There are films that have carved out their own niche and have their own dedicated audience. Such films might do well or just fair at the box office, but they manage to attract the crowd, by some or the other way. And when their sequels are made, people are actually excited about the film and going to the theatres to check them out. Such films have a franchise of their own and even the sequels or as they say, the second installments, do as well as the predecessors at the box office.

Films like ‘Dabangg’, which can drive a Salman Khan fan crazy anyday and even its sequel drew a huge crowd, or ‘Baahubali’, which single handedly can be a threat to entire Bollywood, and with its sequel coming up, people are actually losing their minds. Well, such films deserve a sequel. With ‘Badrinath ki Dulhania’ gearing up for a Holi release, it is high time now that we talk about such film franchises which have been messing with our brains for quite a long time now. Here are few films that did not need to make a sequel at all.

Baaghi 2


We agree that Tiger Shroff is one of the most hardworking actors of this generation and nobody can do action like he does. And we liked him in ‘Baaghi’. But that’s it. There’s nothing special about the film that we liked or that can make us want to watch it again. With ‘Baaghi 2’ being announced, we really hope the sequel has something different to offer. (ALSO READ: Varun Dhawan – Alia Bhatt’s Badrinath Ki Dulhania has to meet CBFC’s this condition for a smooth release!)

Commando 2


We are really confused as to why did the makers even think of making a sequel. The first film was pretty forgettable, and so is the second one. Commando 2 opened to negative reviews anyway, just as expected. We hope the makers get a clear message and not take the pains of a third installment.

The Raaz series


Okay, we agree that the first installment was really good. It actually managed to scare the hell out of us. But after the first movie, it just lost track. Now, it has become nothing but a laughing stock for the people. High time to stop making another Raaz, please.

Hate Story series


More lust than anything else. It should have been named ‘Lust Story’ instead and still nobody would have gone to watch it. When we saw someone as talented as Sharman Joshi in its latest installment, our disappointment knew no bounds!

Kya Super Kool Hai Hum


Since when did comedy mean objectifying women and making their breasts a selling point? We were so disgusted with the film that we wanted our money back!