Movie buffs, remember those days when you had to wait for a lifetime to catch a new Hollywood movie on your television? Of course, you do! It wasn’t that long ago, anyway.

But today, I am not here to remind you of those times. In fact, I am about to tell you that those days are long gone.

How? You wonder.

Here it goes…

Your beloved English movie channel, &flix has added yet another feather in the cap with its newly-launched World Television Premier, that considerably reduces the wait-time of you catching a freshly-released Hollywood film on your television sets.


But I am not done yet.

&flix’s World Television Premier is not only reducing the waiting period but they are making sure that India premiers these movies way ahead of the United States.

How crazy is that? This literally means, you and I get to watch the latest movie on your TV before our US-waale cousins get to watch it on their TVs. This doesn’t happen quite often, now does it?

I am sure you must be thinking how soon is &flix premiering the movies. To give you a perspective of the timeline, we’ll the example of MIB: International. The movie released around mid-June and &flixmanaged to premier the same in India on October 20. That’s how soon I am talking about!

Although I do have a little confession to make. When I first heard about this, I had my series of reactions, that ranged from utter shock to doing a little victory dance (right in the middle of work) to cancelling all my Sunday plans. Why don’t I just show it with GIFs?  

1. No Way! No, It Can’t Be.

I was SHOCKED beyond imagination. Happy, but shocked.

Turns out, &flix really knows how to pull off something as huge as a World Television Premier ahead of U.S.A.

Honestly though? I am still in a state of disbelief.

2. Okay first, a VICTORY DANCE!

Eventually, I realised the World Television Premier is not a gimmick which calls for an OG victory dance.

I am not embarrassed, not one bit.

3. Me ditching my Sunday plans like…

I have literally thrown out all my Sunday plans out of the window because &flix is going to premier a kickass Hollywood movie, which is going to make up for everything.

4. Nothing comes between my couch & I


If it’s a World Television Premier day, it’s going to be a playdate between my couch and I. No compromise, whatsoever!

5. Movie Night With My Main

World Television Premier on a Sunday night with my tribe is basically #FriendshipGoals!

6. Movie night = pizza night

Is there anything better than a pizza that compliments a movie night on &flix?

7. Actual Footage of me watching WTP on Sunday

But before I leave you to make your plans of watching a world television premier on &flix, I have one last news to share. I hear the channel is planning to premier movies like Brightburn, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Angry Birds 2, Zombieland 2, Charlie’s Angels (2019) and Jumanji: The Next Level, pretty soon.

So keep a lookout. K.Bye!

(This is a sponsored post and the edit team has not made any intervention.)